no regrets no regrets

No say. No truth. No game. No shelter. No mind. No heart. No body. No man. No hide. No seek. No fruit. No sex. No being. No sin. No lie. No game. No center. No exit. No place. No grip. No blood. No sweat. No worries. No warm. No safe. No reason. No question. No talk. No view. No holy. No life. No baby. No yes. No ground. No embrace. No charge. No attention. No disgrace. No empathy. No flowers. No beauty. No power. No sence. No mind. No forever. No me. No you...

natural birth or Boone has no eyebrows

Oh gawd. I'm trying to remind myself to do pelvic floor exercise like everyday. I'll start tomorrow. It's still amazes me how awesome my birth canal is. *high five* cervix! There is definitely some unhappy changes ging on down there, but according to this magazine article, it's due to the fact that i'm lovingly breast feeding. Pffftt! How shit. Small price to pay for a turbo charged baby boy :). "bubby, he's almost out. no, he's going back in." - daddy Bubs. Thank you momma, celia, kat, and most of all my bub, I wouldn't have felt that strong without you.